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Is GloZell okay? Is she? Yes, she Is!

How I Travel the World

Dangers of Social Media, Instagram

Pursuing Acting, No Plan B

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 Meet the Team

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About  The Time Capsule Show

Everyday people have everyday stories.

The Time Capsule Show gives a voice to these people in hopes that their stories inspire others and reach those who can relate and connect

The struggles. The successes. The break ups. The romances. The fall. The rise. We are all connected.

Each episode, our hosts ask six thoughtful questions that guests can use to define their life in the 21st century at this moment.

- What inspired you to take on your profession?

- If you were pursuing a different path, what would you be doing and why would you be doing it?

- Past, Present, Future → How do you see yourself now, and how does it compare to five years ago? How do you see yourself in five years?

- What principles do you live your life by?

- What are you grateful for?

- If you were to leave something in a time capsule for people to dig up 100 years later, what would you put in there and why?

We hope you enjoy our Time Capsule!

Please contact us below if you would like to share your story in our Time Capsule. 

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