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The trend of electronic connectors is precision


From the perspective of application requirements, it is the mainstream trend of electronic manufacturing industry to reduce the packaging volume of devices as much as possible. Especially, portable networked electronic equipment presents the characteristics of lightweight and multi-function, forcing electronic connector products to face a severe test in research and development.

With the growth of the electronic connector market, ultra mobile devices in the Internet equipment market have become the main market of electronic connector products. As the global demand for plug-in electric vehicles has been growing steadily in recent years, increasing emphasis has been placed on in-device connectivity in such demanding environments, resulting in a variety of electronic connector solutions for pure electric/hybrid vehicles. In addition, the growth potential of the new energy market should not be underestimated. Although the development of renewable energy mainly including solar and wind energy is still limited, in the next few years, with the increase of government policy incentives around the world, this market will ushered in a stage of vigorous development. More and more electronic connector manufacturers will start to look for new business opportunities in this dynamic and challenging market.

From the point of application requirements, as far as possible the packaging volume shrinking device has been the mainstream trend of the electronics manufacturing industry, especially the portable networking devices present a more lightweight and functional characteristics of forced electronic connector products on the research and development is faced with severe test, the focus of the market demand to focus on how to implement effective connection inside limited space and the interconnection with external, In some specific applications, the traditional I/O I/O electronic connector has become one of the focus of market competition.

With the development of portable electronic equipment, more and more products need to complete circuit design in high compact internal structure, and the corresponding circuit and interface connection design. Under this trend, all kinds of electronic connector products are moving in the direction of refinement, on the one hand, the number of electronic connector itself is more and more, but the center spacing is smaller; On the other hand, the mismatch height of the electronic connector is becoming smaller and smaller, accounting for less and less space. In the development of this kind of high-density electronic connector, how to ensure the mechanical durability and stable contact resistance of electronic connector products in the face of smaller and thinner devices and more severe application environment is a key problem that manufacturers need to solve.

In mobile phone applications with removable backplane, precision electronic connectors are ideal for small, stylish consumer electronics and come with two mounting positions to provide greater flexibility in end-device sizing. Electronic products to the more precise direction of development also promote the development of electronic connector to the precision, electronic connector to the direction of precision development is the general trend of the development of electronic connector.

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