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Enterprise purpose: scientific and technological innovation, quality and brand creation, integrity management, achieve beyond

Enterprise philosophy: Talent is fundamental, management is the cornerstone; Innovation for the soul, integrity as business card.

Service tenet: wholeheartedly to provide users with high quality, satisfactory service

Enterprise spirit: unity, trustworthiness, pragmatism and innovation

Enterprise slogan: Future-oriented, world-oriented, enterprising, self-transcendence

Quality philosophy: use our achievements to verify the myth

Humanistic concept: humanization, harmony

Marketing concept: all for customers, for all customers

Enterprise policy: professional, dedicated

Employing philosophy: meritocracy, equal competition, recruitment based on merit, two-way selection

Innovation idea: mechanism innovation, science and technology innovation, idea innovation

Business philosophy: social satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction

Management philosophy: persuade people with virtue, treat people with faith, treat people with sincerity, know people with truth

Professional quality: dedication, enterprising, integrity, selfless

Business strategy: science and technology to revitalize the enterprise, specialization to strengthen; Facing the future, to the world

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