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Precautions for using electronic connectors


Glass sintered sealing products should be avoided by strong impact or fall, otherwise it will destroy the internal structure, affect its sealing function. When the electronic connector is in a separate state, protective caps should be installed or other dustproof measures should be taken. If electronic connector is connected for a long time after separation, insurance can be hit between plug and socket.

Clean electronic connectors using silk dampened with anhydrous ethanol and allow to dry. Do not use chemical solvents such as acetone that may have harmful effects on electronic connectors.

When connecting electronic connectors, attention should be paid to avoid loosening of tail accessories and damage to cable cores.

Do not power on electronic connectors until they are properly connected and fully locked.

In the fixing of electronic connectors and clamping of wire harness, there should be anti-loosening device (anti-loosening screw, anti-loosening ring, fuse, etc.) when using thread connection.

When installing cabinet electronic connectors, you can adjust the position of the keys and the axis of the electronic connector to make it smoothly inserted or directly fixed in the inserted state.

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